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AMRM No. 71 March 1975


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/03/1975

Volume: 7

Format: Magazine

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Backdating Protype's CW7
NSWR CW Cattle Wagon8
Commercial Australian Models - Locomotives11
Practical Points on Turnouts13
VR Class W15
VR W Class 4-6-0 Locomotive15
Garratt Country16
Windows, Doors 'N' Things20
Prototype Plan QR PB15 Class 4-6-0 Locomotive22
QR PB15 4-6-0 Locomotive23
Try This Kit-Bashing Thing25
Simple Timetable, A27
Basic Electronics - Part 528
Corrugated Iron Jig29
VR VLX Louvre Van30
Modelling Project VR VLX Van30
Dungowan Church35
Church, Dungowan - NSW35
Lesson in Adaption, A37
Steam Panorama Second Division. Steam Action Vol.6 12 mono recording. Produced by Steam Action Productions39
Sherline 1000/1100 3 Lathe by Ronald Sher. Distributed by Australian Model Craft39
Building Papers - Concrete Brick by Candemah39
Atlas N gauge 26' chemical tanker. Supplied by J & J Hobbies39
Atlas GATX 94' tank car in N gauge. Supplied by J & J Hobbies39
West Otways Narrow Gauge by Norm Houghton. Published by Light Railway Research Society of Australia39


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