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AMRM No. 303 December 2013


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/12/2013

Volume: 26

Format: Magazine

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Lineside Town & Country16
Moorabool Street18
Scratchbuilding a Typical Suburban House22
Alternative Baseboard Construction Method25
Modelling the Southern Aurora Part 6: The PHN Power Vans28
PHN Power Van30
50 (plus) Years of Commercial Models - Part 3 - 1987-201237
I Can Match That!39
NSWGR BCW Bogie Cattle Wagon (1959 type) by SDS Models41
DCC Solutions Two Function Output Power Amplifier for ESU LocSound 21-pin MTC Decoders, Auscision NSWGR 422 Class version. Available from Model Railroad Craftsman41
NSWGR BOB car set in HO scale by On Track Models42
NSWPTC/F.J.Walker FMW refrigerator van in HO scale by SDS Models42
NSWGR MRC Refrigerator Car r-t-r in HO scale by Trainorama. Available from Bob's Hobbies43
Chevrolet 'Blitz' Crane Truck kit in HO scale by Times Gone By44
Victorian Railways L sheep van, r-t-r in HO scale by Ozrail Model Trains45
VR and SAR Searchlight Signals, ready-to-place in N Scale by San Mateo Line46
Superintendent's Notebook - A Really Silly Thing55


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