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AMRM No. 284 October 2010


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/10/2010

Volume: 24

Format: Magazine

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What Does the Future Hold?3
Dutton Bay Tramway16
Beyond The Fence - Ararat Victoria26
WAGR Z Class 0-6-0 DM Locomotives28
Train in a Cheesebox29
Sydney Suburban Retrofit - Digital Command Control by Radio30
Build a Multi-voltage Battery Pack33
Reuse & Recycle - Rail Maintenance Yard34
Superintendent's Notebook - Mrs Guy34
NSWGR Goods Rollingstock Before World War Two35
Uhlenbrock 38 000 Sound Director. Distributed by All Aboard Modellbahn38
PTC of NSW KLY/NLKY Louvred Vans r-t-r in HO scale by Auscision Models38
DCC & DC Accessory Control Modules by RailCon40
The Leeds Forge Cars C3101 to 3150 by Roy Howarth & Glenn Ryan. Published by Bow River Publishing41
Working Locomotive Lamps & 'Flickerfree' Circuit Board from DCCconcepts41
Uhlenbrock 65 060 Intellibox Basic DCC Command Station. Distributed by All Aboard Modellbahn42
NSWGR 7000gal DOT Rail Tank Car kit in HO scale by InFront Models42
Victorian Railways QR Bogie Open Wagon kit in HO scale by Steam Era Models44
Uhlenbrock 63 410 LocoNet Switch Module and 63 120 USB LocoNet Interface. Distributed by All Aboard Modellbahn45
Jack McLean53
Building ABV2092355


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