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AMRM No. 249 December 2004


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/12/2004

Volume: 21

Format: Magazine

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Changing Control3
Victorian Railways Sand House22
VR Sand House24
Thinking Outside the Square26
Epoxy Headlamps27
Connecting DCC in One Night28
New Millennium of Information31
Modelling the NSWR MCE Composite Car - Part 132
NSWR MCE Composite Coach34
Exhibition Scene37
Steam in the Bush - Part 2 Live Steam Logging Locomotives Down Under40
From Meat Trays to Toilets42
Chequer Plate43
VR QB Well wagon kit in HO scale by Steam Era Models44
A Bulldog Odyssey by George Bambery. Published by Searchlight Video44
MLV/MLK louvre van detailing kit by Main West Models45
NSWR RU grain and UL limestone hoppers in HO scale by Trainorama45
Remotoring kit for Lima Locomotives by ModelTroque46
D13SRJ Digital Command Control Decoder by North Coast Engineering. Supplied by Model Railroad Craftsman46
VR RT Rail tractor kit in HO scale by Steam Era Models47
NSWR BDX/NOBX Open wagon kit in HO scale by AR Kits48
EB3 Circuit breaker from North Coast Engineering for DCC equipped model railways only. Supplied by Model Railroad Craftsman48
Handrail bending jig for HO and N scale by AR Kits49
Under the Wires - Sydney Surburban Electrics. Published by Train Hobby Publications49
Bow bending jig for BD/BDX/CCX & CDY open wagons in HO scale by AR Kits49
Technology - Ignore it at Your Own Risk50
Laurie Ivan Lumsden53
Model Railway Clubs in Australia - 2004 Listing55


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