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AMRM No. 215 April 1999


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/04/1999

Volume: 19

Format: Magazine

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A Milestone is Reached15
Es Davies16
West Merredin17
Try This One - Lichen22
Additional Electrical Pick-ups for a Powerline 4822
An Age Old Debate23
Scotch Blocks on the Victorian Railways26
GS & GST Wagons of the WAGR29
WAGR GST Open Wagon30
WAGR GS Open Wagon30
WAGR GSW Bulk Wheat Wagons31
WAGR JGH 6620 Hydrochloric Adic Tank Wagon31
WAGR JGH 8726 wagon33
WAGR JGS 5022 Wagon33
VR 106' Wheelbase U Louvre Vans34
Victorian Railways B Wagon Addenda35
SAR Flat Wagon in Brass38
Cheap Low Temperature Soldering Iron40
Victorian Railways BZ passenger car kit in N scale by Aust-N-Rail41
FCL 40'0 insulated container with Thermo King Fridge Pack kit in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies41
Railscene Victoria. Victorian Railways Diesel Electrics, 'The Blue and Gold Era'. Published by Train Hobby Publications42
BHP coil steel container kit in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies42
Fleischmann Digital Control DC 6803. Distributed by All Aboard Modellbahn42
A Real Railway - Yongurra To Border Loop by Peter Leonard43
Z Gauge Flex-Track from Micro Train Lines43
NSW P11 - Steel Pratt Through Truss Bridge c1910 plan in HO scale by Data Sheets43
NSW B2 - Station Buildings, Standard Designs A1 & A2 c1909 plans in HO scale by Data Sheets43
NSW B3 - Station Building, Standard Design A3 C1909 plan in HO scale by Data Sheets43
Replacement mechanism for the Powerline 81 class locomotive by Main West Models43
NSW B30 - Standard Platform Signs plan in HO scale by Data Sheets43
Modelling a Dental Clinic Car Set - Power Brake Van EHG 240945


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