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AMRM No. 201 December 1996


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/12/1996

Volume: 17

Format: Magazine

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John Barratt24
QR 10' x 10' Cream Shed26
Queensland Railway Sheds26
QR Dagun Goods Shed30
Victorian Railways DERM31
Colonial's Betty38
Modelling the Railways of South Australia, 199639
Near Enough Bogies40
Very Big Train42
Colour Schemes45
My Friend Eva46
Even More About Compensation47
Jan's Backyard48
More Red Tape Please50
Liverpool, 199651
Model Railway Clubs in Australia - 1996 Listing54
NSWR 42 class loco kit in N scale by Phil Badger Models56
Rail Scene Victoria:5 - The Lindsay Crow Collection. Published by Train Hobby Publications56
Victorian GJF/VHEY/VHGF Grain hopper kit in N scale by Aust-N-Rail56
Four wheel oil tankers by Ajin Precision Manufacturing. Available from Train Hobby56
NSWR Z12 class steam locomotive kit in HO scale by DJH Models. Imported by Footplate Models57
Whistles and Bells for computers by J Halnust58
VR narrow gauge decals in HO scale by Ian Lindsay Models58
VR narrow gauge decal sheet in 1/48th scale by Ian Lindsay Models58
Long Gully tunnel mouth in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies58
Davies and Metcalf air brake distributor casting in HO scale by Graham Walker59
Multibox-locomotive gearbox for 4mm/3.5mm scale by Branchlines, UK59
Oil tanker decals in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies59
SAR OB open wagon kit with steel fabricated replacement doors by Broad Gauge Bodies59
This is Not the Honeymoon I Anticipated by Dick Hafer. Published by Kalmbach Publications60
VR T class (Series 3) diesel electric locomotive kit in HO scale by Phil Badger Models. Available from Yennora Hobbies60
QR HJC cement wagon kit in HOn3 1/2 scale by Three Foot Six Models60
Locomotives of Australia by Leon Oberg. Published by Kangaroo Press60
Ford 350 truck with timber load kit by Weico61
Freightline Caltex, Ampol & Golden Fleece oil tankers kits by Powerline Models61
KB parcel van by Powerline Models61
Rail Scene QLD Series:'The LAST, Last Great Trainride' Cairns to Forsayth. Volume 10. Produced for Train Hobby Publications61


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