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AMRM No. 144 June 1987


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/06/1987

Volume: 13

Format: Magazine

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Safety in the Hobby11
Al Cutmore - 112
Western Mountain Line13
Simple Ballast Spreader21
NSWR 40 Class Conversion22
Building VR Tank Cars in Brass in O Scale23
Toy Fair Report Sydney 198729
Ian the Artist30
Multiple Unit Sockets on AN CL and GM Classes30
Near Enough SAR Caboose31
Webb's Caboose - Historical Notes33
SAR Webb Caboose Car and Conversions35
Compleat Chemical Modeller, The36
Constructing a NSWR Type Roundhouse in HO Scale38
VFX/ABFX Wagon39
Melbourne 198743
Aged Timber - The Easy Way47
Bendigo 198748
John Kiddell48
Forestville 198750
Candy Coloured NSWR Passenger Cars 1 - 1st Class Non A/C Cars50
NSWR D50s52
Helpful Hints53
More NSWR CHG Brake Vans53
NSWR Timber Trestle kit in HO scale by Ironbark Models54
A Railfan's Tour of Europe - Part 6 Spectaular Switzerland by Rollingstock Production. Supplied by ARHS Sales54
VR W series passenger car kit in HO scale by Broad Gauge Models54
British Rail J94 0-6-0 locomotive in OO scale by Dapol Model Railways. Supplied by Fybren Models55
The Railway Art of Ken Bowen. Published by Boolarong Publications56
Hobby Board by CIL Distributors56
Younghusband Ltd billboard decal in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies56
Peters Ice Cream billboard decal in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies56
NSWR 620/720 railmotor set in HO scale by Samhongsa for Berg's Hobbies57
16.5mm gauge wheelsets in HO scale by Broad Gauge Models57
VR W passenger car and plate frame bogies in HO scale by Broad Gauge Models57
NSWR 422 and 44 class diesels and MFE passenger cars (Candy livery ) by Lima. Supplied by Southern Models58
VR 18 Foot T Van conversion kit in HO scale by Broad Gauge Models59
NSWR D53 and D55 class locomotives in HO scale by Samhongsa. Imported by Class Brass Models59
Detailing items in HO scale by Grandt Line. Imported by Quality Scale Model Distributors60
Track clamps fpr HO/OO gauge by Marklin589


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