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AMRM No. 136 February 1986

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Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/02/1986

Volume: 12

Format: Magazine

Stock: Limited Stock



Gauging Success11
John Gaspari12
Vulcan Vale 6 - How the Rip Van Winkle Road Reactivated Ric!13
Some Thoughts for New Modellers20
South Australian SOC, SO & GQ Ore Hopper - Addendum21
Looking For New Ideas - Which Engine Should Lead...Two Steamers22
Timber Bridges in New South Wales23
Model Railway Clubs in Australia - 1985 - Addendum31
Tank Wagons of the Victorian Railways32
VR Miscellany35
Prototype Plan Tasmania's DB Class Guards Vans - Part 236
TGR DB Brake Vans (Outline Diagram)37
TGR DB Brake Vans (Outline Diagram)39
VR Vehicle Countdown40
Kit Converted or Remodelled Hopper Cars41
Building Australian Rollingstock SAR HS Class Hopper42
SAR HS Stone Hopper (Outline Diagram)43
Such Sweet Thunder. Published by Lodestar Press, New Zealand44
VR U van Haig decal in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies44
Texas and British Steel open wagons by Hornby44
Reconafork long wheelbase wagon by Hornby44
Previews of new products released by the Model Railway Industry44
ETC Frozen Foods and Terry's wagons by Hornby44
British Rail Southern Region composite coach in OO scale by Hornby44
SAR 520 class steam locomotive in HO scale by Ajin for ALCO46
Powered Chassis No.592 by Greenmax. Available from Northside Hobbies46
NSWR CH (NHAF) coal hopper kit in HO scale by AR Kit Co46
G.W.Nichols Wood - timber yard kit in HO scale by Builders-in-Scale. Available from The Buffer Stop46
NSWR BS and FS passenger cars in HO scale by Trax Model Products47
C&S water tank kit in HO/HOn3 scale by Builders-in-Scale. Available from The Buffer Stop48
NSWR 2CF (XFA) freight bogie in HO scale by AR Kit Co48
NSWR 421 class diesel electric locomotive in HO scale by Samhongsa. Imported by Mansfield Hobbies48
VR I open wagon & M cattle van decals by Broad Gauge Models49
SAR Bluebird railcars decals in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies49
Ore Loads for SAR SOC open wagons in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies49
NSWR PHS power van kit in HO scale by Casula Hobbies49
NSWR WHX (NGAX) grain hopper kit in HO scale by AR Kit Co49
Mate-a-Matic couplers in HO scale by AHM. Available from Junction Hobbies49
Map of Australian Railway Systems - 1981 by the Division of National Mapping. Available from Red Heart Souvenirs50
NSWR 2CL (XCL) freight bogie in HO scale by AR Kit Co50
A Bibliography of Australian Railway and Tramway Literature by Howard Quinlan. Published by ARHS - ACT Division50
CR RMX general purpose flat wagon kit in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies50
Why Not Consider Your Own Steam Railway51
Sydney 198552
VR Miscellany GY Tarp Bow Jig53
Orange 198553
VR Vehicle Countdown53
Adelaide 198554
Did You Know?55


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