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AMRM No. 121 August 1983


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/08/1983

Volume: 11

Format: Magazine

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More Layout With Less Space . . . a Possibility?11
Victorian Model Railway Society12
New Zealand Style Model Railway Layout13
NSWR Medical Service Car16
Some Use For Diodes18
Tasmania's FP Class Pine Log Wagons19
AN - Tasmanian Region FP Class Pine Log Wagon21
Modelling Project SAR Coal Handling Plant on the VR24
One Man's Way on Rollingstock - Wheels, Ramps: A Correction27
Oil Burning D59 Class28
Kitbash An Oil Burning D59 Class29
Brisbane 198332
Powering the Weico Models in N Scale34
Australian Railway Signalling - Keys and Locks35
Scenic Route36
Model Railway Time Tables - Wingrove Style38
What Goes Down Must Come Up!42
Building an HO Model Railroad with Personality by John Olson. Published by Kalmbach Books45
VR Research Reports 1, 2, 4, 6 & 7. Published by Mountview Publications45
NSWR 421 class diesel electric locomotive kit in HO scale by Main West Models. Available from Casula Hobbies45
TUFT Landscaping Materials45
Buses of the Garden State by Bruce Tilley. Published by Railmac Publications45
NSW SRA 422 class locomotive kit in HO scale. Available from Berg's Hobbies46
ANR GM1 class diesel body kit in N scale by Weico Models46
VR J class 2-8-0 locomotive in HO scale by Dong Jin. Imported by ALCO46
BR class 86/2 Bo-Bo electric locomotive in OO scale by Hornby47
Sharp Stewart 2-4-0 tank locomotive in HO scale by Electrotren. Available from Locomotion47
NSWR 20 class 2-6-2 tank locomotive in HO scale by Samhongsa. Imported by Trax Model Products48
Jif 5 plank wagon in OO scale by Hornby49
NSWR K truck water gin kit in HO scale by Rails North Models. Available from Casula Hobbies49
Battery boxes and electrical panels for NSWR passenger/goods vans in HO scale by ABL Models49
Japanese electric multiple unit rollingstock by Green Max. Available from Chaucer Hobbies49
55' turntable kit in Sn3 1/2 scale by Railmaster Models50
Drums, sacks, bales, boxes and barrels - movable loads in HO and N scales by Electrotren. Available from Locomotion50
Motor vehicles in HO scale by Electrotren. Available from Locomotion50
Mile End's Steam Finale by Kenn Pearce. Published by Railmac Publications51
10 Class Tribute by Steve McNicol. Published by Railmac Publications51
NSWR steam locomotive cabside numerals in HO scale by AM Models51
GWR 0-6-0 Pannier tank locomotive by Mainline. Supplied by Intoy Projects51
NSW SRA (UTA) logo decals by Broad Gauge Bodies51
AN 8300 class guards van decal set by Broad Gauge Bodies51
Com Rail & ANR (AN) Central Region emblems in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bod.52
Fosters Lager billboard van in HO scale by Marklin52
ANR Of open wagon kit with Mallee root load in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies52
The Fantastic Hobbyshop Matchbox Buying Price List52
Helicopter wagon in OO scale by Hornby52
Australian road speed signs in HO scale by Christine Hicks52
N Gauge Survey Report53
Point levers in HO scale by Rails North Models. Available from Casula Hobbies53
Conversion of a Mainline Tank Wagon to a VR Four Wheel Tanker54
Bogie Bolsters Made to Measure57
Mixed Gauge57


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