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AMRM No. 110 September 1981


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/09/1981

Volume: 10

Format: Magazine

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Looking to the Future11
Scenic Route12
Modus Operandi - Lakeland Railway 2 - Pillars of Operation13
NSWR Vehicle Countdown - 2116
Drilling a Truly Square Hole16
Prototype Plan NSWR HUB Cars 2 - RBH, RFH & HFH Cars17
NSWR HUB Set RBH 1st Class Buffet Car17
NSWR HUB Set RFH 2nd Class Buffet Car18
NSWR HUB Set HFH 2nd Class Terminal Car19
Waterfall Yard Hut21
Yard Shed, Waterfall - NSW22
Modelling Project S Truck to Shunter's Truck25
Prototype Plan VR ELX Bogie Open Wagon26
VR ELX (Plain Sided) Open Wagon27
Locomotive Colour Schemes on AN's Tasmanian Region30
Modelling Project Build a VR ELX Open Wagon in Styrene31
Photographically Speaking - Up Rating Monochrome Film34
Repowering the Lima 44/93036
Build a Poison Spray Van38
SAR Poison Vehicle W4301 and Mixing Tank TW481340
Australian Railway Signalling - Automatic Crossing Loops48
VR X Class Mikado - A Postscript50
Horse Boxes of the NSWR 4 - Postscript51
NSWR Vehicle Countdown - 2252
Action-Lit automobiles in HO scale by Train Tronics. Supplied by Train Tronics53
Silverton Tramway Locomotives compiled by Steve McNicol. Published by Railmac Publications53
Farm windmill kit in HO scale by Herka. Supplied by Train Tronics Australia53
NSWR D59 class (Oil Burning version) HO scale model by Samhongsa. Distributed by Berg's Brass Models53
Sentinel 9mm diameter gauge disc wheels54
Lima G mechanism is fitted to NSW 42 class locomotives54
Weather-it, chemical ageing for wood and cardstock. Available by mail order from Broad Gauge Models54
ANR decals for ANR Central Way & Works and brake vans by Broad Gauge Bodies54
Locomotion Mk3 (Series 4) Deluxe control unit for HO/OO and N scales. Supplied by Locomotion Products54
RU wagon kit in HO scale by Trax Model Products55
NSWR HLV/HLX louvre van kit in HO scale by Rail North Models. Supplied by Casula Hobbies55
Lima OO gauge British Railways 'Western' class diesel locomotive. Suppled by Southern Model Supplies55
NSWR 49 class diesel electric locomotive body kit in HO scale by Berg's Hobbies56
NSWR Baldwin Tender kit in HO scale. Supplied by ABL Model Products57
NSWR C36 class locomotive kit in HO scale by D G Hoskins57
Goods Brake Van & Accident Cranes & Vans, a diagram book by the State Rail Authority of NSW57
Replacement gears for TYCO locomotives by Concord Hobbies57
STEAM '81 by R Cromblehome and T Kirtland. Supplied by George Allen and Unwin, Australia57
Rails To The Western Plains by Gordon and Pam Oates57
NSWR GLX louvre van body kit in HO scale by AR Kit Co57
K truck kit in HO scale by Trax Model Products58
Hopper Coal Wagons, a diagram book by the State Rail Authority of NSW58
BP 3 dome oil tanker in HO scale by Lima. Supplied by Southern Models58
South Australian Diesel Pictorial by Douglas A Colquhoun. Published by the Mile End Railway Museum59
Decals for NSWR S wagon in HO scale by Mn'J Decals59
SRA Locomotives published by Railmac. Supplied by St George Hobbies59
10.5mm spoked wheels in HO/OO gauge by AMRI. Supplied by St George Hobbies and Casula Hobbies59
Decals for lettering, numerals and stripping in HO scale by Mn'J Decals59
Corrugated Card for HO/OO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies59
NSWR Z19 class locomotive in HO scale. Imported by Berg's Hobbies60
C66 Instant Hobby Glue by Aero-Flyte. Supplied by St George Hobbies60
1982 Calendar issued by the NSW Rail Transport Museum60
NSWR Vehicle Countdown - 2364


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