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AMRM No. 147 December 1987


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/12/1987

Volume: 13

Format: Magazine

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Try Again!11
Kev Loughhead - 112
VR I Wagon Conversion20
Building a TE Flat Wagon in N Scale21
Sydney 198722
Orange 198722
Bowral 198722
Adelaide 198723
Sydney Marklin 198723
Thirlmere 198723
Sunbury 198724
So Who Needs a 'Mike' Anyway?24
Modelling the NZR in 9mm Scale25
Jack Page29
Simple Modification for the Trax 4829
Quick Tip - White Decals on White Paper Problem29
Tale of Three Buildings, A30
More on Bogie Brake Vans in NSW33
Model Railway Clubs in Australia - 1987 Listing34
Gone Sailing36
Candy Coloured NSWR Passenger Cars 3 - 2nd/Comp Non A/C Cars37
Railscale - The Model Railway Video Magazine. Supplied by ARHS - NSW Division38
The Cape Venturer 1986 video. Available from ARHS - NSW Division38
Trees by The Buffer Stop38
British Rail 03 shutner in OO scale by Replica Railways. Imported by Powerline Models38
NSWR Brake wheels in HO scale by Silvermaz Models39
Steam Lives On video by ARHS Sales40
Australian Railway Magazine. Published by Cromarty Press40
Tri-mount compensated chassis kit for SAR Obf & Dwf 4-wheel wagons in HO scale by Broad Gauge Bodies40
NSWR KB Parcels van in HO scale by Powerline Models40
Track laying tool by Poly Clip Track-Ezy40
My Forty Footplate Years, An Engine Driver's Life 1943-1983. Published by The NZ Railway and Locomotive Society41
Railway Art Prints by Kenneth G Bowen41
Semi-Gloss clear spray enamel by Craftsman Models41
Cowra Railway Centenary and Branchline Farewell video by Cowra Railway Centenary Committee41
NSWR Archbar bogies in HO scale by Silvermaz Models42
10.5mm, 8 spoke, 16.5mm gauge wheelset by Silvermaz Models42
Australian Landscape Scenes for HO scale by Gum Tree Station42
Rail Australia Magazine. Published by Bowenia Publications42
NSWR Fettler's shed kit in HO scale by Stephen Johnson Models43
NSWR railway structure plans in HO scale by Data Sheets43
MHO brakevan in Candy and Red & Russell livery by Powerline Models44
Australian Iron & Steel, BHP and Manildra Starches economy freight cars by Powerline Models44
47 class diesel and Mk.III coach in Scotsrail Livery in N scale by Graham Farish. Distributed by Fybren Models44
Steamtown - Peterborough by Steve McNicol. Published by Railmac Publications44
Bay Town Review by Steve McNicol. Published by Railmac Publications44
Motor trolley in HO scale by Scaleway. Supplied by Coastline Model Railways44
Previews of new products released by the Model Railway Industry44
Krukow Hardware kit by Micro Engineering. Distributed by Quality Scale Model Distributors45
Zang's Saloon kit in HO scale by Micro Engineering. Distributed by Quality Scale Model Distributors45
NSWR CHG 4-wheel brake van kit in HO scale by Casula Hobbies45
VR IY wagon kit by Broad Gauge Models45
FS and BS coaches by Powerline Models45
The Twin Houses kit by MKD. Imported by Johathon Zimbler45
Country Store and Post Office46
Country Store, A (Victoria C 1925)46
RU Bulk Wheat Hopper, Scratchbuild This48
NSWR RU Grain Hopper49
NSWR RU and UL Grain Hoppers, Prototype Notes on51
Goose Bum Line53


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