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AMRM is published bi-monthly by SCR Publications for the
Southern Cross Model Railway Association.

The Australian Model Railway Magazine is a full-colour journal for Australian model railway enthusiasts published every two months. First released in April 1963 by the Southern Cross Model Railway Association, the magazine has become the premier local journal featuring all aspects of the model railway hobby in Australia for over 50 years. Regular features include contributors layouts and modelling projects, comments and editorial, technical articles, modelling projects, photo essays and product reviews.

AMRM is available through most hobby retail stores, newsagents and by mail order to Australian and international subscribers. AMRM is now available online to digital subscribers.

Current Issue

AMRM No. 345 December2020

Feature article: North Coast National

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  1. The Seismic Shift
  1. North Coast National
  1. The Socially Distant Modeller
  1. Modelling GWA's AHGX grain hoppers
  1. Tarpaulins and Wagon Sheets Using Cartridge Paper
  1. Freelance Facades
  1. Waterside ... a VR branchline
  1. NSW Timber Road Overbridge
  1. BHP Billiton's EMD SD40 and SD40-2 locomotives
  1. Byways of Steam 33
  1. QR Manual Point Levers by Queensland Scale Models
  1. QHBH Coal Hoppers in HO scale by Auscision Models
  1. PL Series Passenger Carriages with Sliding Doors by Austrains NEO, SDS Models
  1. The Timber Truss Railway Bridges of New South Wales by Bill Phippen
  1. Recent Releases
  1. AMRM News
  1. Ralph William Holden
  1. Diary
  1. Market Place
  1. Mailbag

Recent Issues

Back issues are available for purchase from Eveleigh Press.

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AMRM No. 344 October 2020

  • The Seismic Shift
  • North Coast National
  • The Socially Distant Modeller
  • Modelling GWA's AHGX grain hoppers
  • Tarpaulins and Wagon Sheets Using Cartridge Paper
  • Freelance Facades

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AMRM No.343 August 2020

  • A Bright Future
  • Henry Wadling's North West Layout
  • Not Another Revolution
  • Build a CMRCI DCC Programming Box
  • A Bloke Needs a Shed...Pt 3
  • Two Closed Railways

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AMRM No.342 June 2020

  • Days of Change
  • Dagun
  • Variation of an A Wagon
  • Columbia Models NOFF to Shunter's Truck
  • Build a Testing Module/Programming Track
  • A Bloke Needs a Shed...Pt 2

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AMRM No.341 April 2020

  • A Giant Among Organisers
  • Twigg Rebuilt
  • A Bloke Needs a Shed
  • Control Panels
  • The R Class 4-4-2 Steam Locomotives of the WAGR
  • Mailbag

AMRM DVD Compilations

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Volume 21 of AMRM on DVD (issues 238-249, Feb 2003 - Dec 2004).

Each issue is searchable and the DVD contains an index to articles and authors. The files are in PDF format and articles can be printed for easy reading.

The DVD is available now for AUD$ 25.00

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